CEIR President Open Statement on Covid-19 crisis

Wednesday 1 April 2020

In an open statement CEIR  President Carlos Velazquez calls on EU Institutions and National Governments to take measures to tackle the COVID-19 crisis. In particular, CEIR calls for:


  • the definition of health and safety measures and guidelines allowing employers to ensure the required level of workers’ protection


  • the inclusion of taps and valves production as an essential service, as one of the major recommendations to citizens is to regularly wash hands


  • the guarantee to the continuation of our functions as our companies are functional for the full operativity of several essential services


  • the protection of the European internal market and the assurance of the free movement of goods and products among EU Member States


  • the commitment to undertake measures aimed at supporting companies, accelerating the recovery and preserving the industrial production


  • the coordination among Member States and at EU level to tackle the crisis


CEIR President's open statement can be downloaded HERE.

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